Client: Sleep Centers Website & Blog

Scope:  Pacific Northwest and Dreamland, U.S.A.

Mission:  Develop Web traffic and foot traffic for new locations of Sleep Medicine Centers in the greater Puget Sound community.

Key Insight:  

When a medical division of a major health center is "spun off," it must immediately reclaim the online identity of its brand and Local, Map and Review pages to maintain continuity and patient contact. Offline, such a transition might occupy a month or more. Online, the updates need to happen instantaneously.

Besides tossing and turning through location changes, also took the opportunity to let sleep-challenged netizens subscribe to a blog and RSS feed that offered weekly tips to a better night's sleep.

With the arrival of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube outposts, the community outreach and patient support news feeds completed the sleep cycle.

Perspectives:  A tip-of-the-night cap to Swedish Hospital Medical Center and their online cybercast of a Sleep Study in real-time. Meet colleague Dana Lewis of #HCSM renown on our community site,

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