With every consultation, you'll receive a copy of our new book, SEO Power Tweets. Over 1,000 kernels of search marketing wisdom are yours to put to work in under 60 seconds, and in 140 characters or less.

Yes, we authored SEO Power Tweets!

SearchWrite has played a seminal role in helping to shape the future of our industry.

As industry analysts, we constantly have our eye on  where the “puck is moving.” What is “state-of-the-art,” and  best-of-breed. Separating the most productive from what is fading into the pack. As seasoned databased marketers, we track what works, and we make it work.

Hardly a “Johnny-come-lately,” the firm began its legacy of leadership at a true “pivot point.”

Point A: The vector of direct response advertising where marketers applied the science of geo-demographic and lifestyle targeting (think NDL, PRISM, VALS, ACORN overlays and more) to produce more qualified lead generation and more targeted content development across all direct response formats.

Point B: the capacity to do the same kind of targeting, modeling and measurement online and more  — except exponentially faster, with even greater precision and effectiveness.

SearchWrite looks at your online marketing in terms of your ultimate goals: targeted lead generation, optimized conversions,  customer and community engagement, incredible customer experience, and a profitable cost-per-acquisition and return on investment.

Our first step is working with you to determine your Key Performance Indicators. Based on the factors that directly influence your users’ behavior and inflection points, what hits the mark and what misses the target, we will recommend actionable steps to improve those KPI’s.

Over the years, our clients have benefitted from our objective, analytics-driven, performance-proven (in short, no B.S.) approach to getting results.

The bottom line: SearchWrite’s goal is to “curate the perfect project experience” for you as a valued client. We call this “Project Analytics.” Our services are designed to allow our clients to constantly analyze, evaluate, refine and prioritize option, incrementally and iteratively.

The rest, as it is said, is history!