Client: Legal SEO

Scope:  U.S., Legal Services

Mission:  Facilitate qualified lead generation and conversion optimization across multiple practice areas in the legal profession.

Key Insight:  A quick glance at the highest priced keywords in Google AdWords’ pay-per-click inventory correlates "expensively" with the legal industry. Type “Trial Lawyer” and click on a sponsored ad, and the clickthrough debits $49.78 per click. The “cost-per-visit” for a “criminal lawyer” in New York City starts at $45.00, and “tax attorney,” among other legal terms ranges from $20 to $35 per finger press. Without a high "Quality Score" (that can lower costs) and a proven Landing page, the investment can make or break a budget cap before breakfast. Psst! The answer is strong, organic optimization based on the firm's intellectual assets.

Perspectives:  As Media Sponsors of the Avvo Legal conference, SearchWrite has gained unique perspective on both optimizing an Avvo profile and gaining exposure for legal briefs and writing through JD Supra, among other sites.

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