Client: MFORMA Mobile Games & Content

Scope:  Mobile Game and Content Consumers and Carrier Partners Worldwide

Mission:  With more media brand partnerships than any other mobile content publisher in the world, including movie studios like Universal and Paramount, entertainment brands like Marvel and King Features, Game Publisher’s Activision, Atari and Tyco, and major sports enterprises like CBS Sportsline and IMG, MFORMA needed a robust and dynamic online sales and distribution front-end that could match scores of products with a panoply of countries, carriers, handsets and users on a massive scale.

Key Insight:  Our challenge was to transform the MFORMA. com Website into a powerful online marketing super-site that presented MFORMA’s corporate capabilities to its many constituents, generates a constant stream of consumer traffic, integrates offline, over-the-air and online marketing activities, and fosters community involvement for after-market sales support and unsurpassed customer relationship-building.

Perspectives:  As Amazon has demonstrated so impressively, the capacity for customization and personalization that recognizes individual preferences over a “one size fits all” approach is essential to separate category winners from also-rans.

The MFORMA site lets you actualize your personal interests in mobile content and share the fun with others. Just as handset users can customize their phone’s graphics and ringtones to suit their tastes, the MFORMA Website was designed to provide a similar versatility.

MFORMA became Hands-On Mobile in 2001, and subsequently acquired nGame Ltd and Blue Beck of the UK, MobileGame Korea, FingerTwitch, and two mobile entertainment content development companies in China. Hands-On Mobile also established a strategic partnership with Magus-Soft, a leading Chinese mobile games company. Hands-On Mobile is headquartered in San Francisco, California.

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