Client: Mobile App Unity

Scope:  A Single Mobile App Development Ecosystem that Deploys Across All Platforms

Mission:  SearchWrite's Web App development process allows the creation of native apps across the widest range of devices and operating systems, e.g., iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Tizen, Denso mobile web and more.

Key Insight:  Mobile is disrupting everything at an unprecedented rate. New business models are being created, existing processes are being re-imagined and the user is king. These realities demand a fundamentally new approach.

Spanning icon libraries, UI components, advertising and encryption, SearchWrite taps into an asset inventory of over 330 modules or extensions to deliver rich, high quality mobile apps much faster than would otherwise be possible.

Perspectives:  "“About 70-80% of our code can be reused across apps. That saves us a lot of time and a lot of skill. It’s very hard to find different native skills and combine them in one team, but it is comparatively easy to educate people in JavaScript." - CEO

"“We selected this environment because it allowed us to quickly and cost effectively build native apps for multiple devices and platforms in a language that all our developers are familiar with. Each of our developers evaluated other products, but nothing came close – it was a unanimous decision.”

Categories: Advertising/Collateral, Branding, Content, E-Commerce, Gaming, Health Care, New Product, Social Media, Web Architecture