Client: Pinterest Story Telling

Scope:  Universal and Graphical

Mission:  Build a corporate Pinterest site for Rheem, curating images of distinction on thematic Pinboards designed to convey style, originality, ingenuity, refreshment and humor. "Rubber Duckies Dominate" and "Famous Bathtub Scenes in Cinema" were two boards that weren't just drain stoppers but show-stoppers!

Key Insight:  Until Pinterest "goes" e-commerce, allowing sales transactions or affiliate commissions, major brands are suspended in a state of creative utopia but commercial dysfunction. To gently connect curated images with the brand's product line, we employed "creative wordplay with a purpose," captioning images with a brand affirming message.

Perspectives:  'SearchWrite's work stands out for the level of quality and style we identify with our brand." - B.A., Sr. V.P. Marketing

Categories: Branding, Content, Identity, New Product, SEO, SEP, Social Media