Client: SEO Power Tweets

Scope:  Our SEO Manual is free to clients.

Mission:  In the time it takes you to read this sentence, or any one of the valuable tips, tricks, insights and shortcuts contained in this idea-potent, online marketing handbook, you could be breathing new life into your Internet marketing plans, tactics and results.

Key Insight:  Twitter has shown the world that good things can indeed come in small packages. The most far-reaching ideas can be synthesized into concise “thought bubbles” of no more than 140 characters. Paired with a hyperlink, and dispatched Web-wide, these strata-”gems” can be put to use immediately for maximum, (and “low overhead”) efficiency and impact.

Perspectives:  "If your online offering is relevant to users who search (and there are more than 2 million searches every minute), you can start attracting the right kind of traffic to your site, with sufficient quality and quantity to win business. That’s the power of SEO Power Tweets." - Search Engine Strategies

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